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Watch Google Buzz video satires from &

It appears Google Buzz' privacy fiasco has generated a different kind of "buzz" than Google had hoped for.

  • Two different groups, and have created hilarious videos on Google Buzz.
    1. Don't miss's video "Google Threatens to kill users".  
      • (2 min 3 seconds and don't miss the ending) 
    2. Also don't miss the's video "You're a Bossy Pants, Google" by Peter Jeffrey.
      • (1 min 41 seconds)

If you enjoy these, there are other links to more short humorous videos on Google at the humor page of my watchdog site from The Onion, The Big Honkin, and The Vacationers among others.

Of the dozen or so humor entries at my personal favorites are:

  • "Google Roommates Episode I" from the Big Honkin (3 min 3 seconds); and
  • "The Google Opt-out Village" from The Onion Network (2 min 9 seconds).

    Enjoy and pass them along.