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The "Neutr-elites" Special Interest Agendas

Despite the attempts by the "Neutr-elites" to make NN into a grass-roots issue, it remains a self-serving special interest agenda.

Net neutrality is a manufactured issue to serve special interests.

Manufactured? Where was the NN movement the last ten years as NN was being made obsolete by ever increasing amounts of intermodal and broadband competition? Why did we hear virtually nothing about NN from and others for the several months after the FCC decided DSL was an unregulated info service in August 2005?

First,'s self-serving agenda is that it needed a communications issue to incite its base because media ownership issue went on procedural hiatus. When video franchise legislation started to move in Congress, was shrewdly opportunistic and created a fear-mongering "Save the Internet" campaign to energize the netroots to donate money and work for the Democrats in the mid-term elections.  

Second, the online giants: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay and Amazon saw a perfect "political ask" for a special favor from Democrats wanting to curry favor in their left coast Silicon Valley fundraising for the mid term elections.

If the neutr-elites were truly motivated to protect consumers and businesses from the parade of horribles they allege will happen absent legislation passing now, they would be trying to pass legislation that made substantial progress toward protecting consumers from blocking and degrading actions that everyone opposes. The House Bill codified the FCC's four principles and created a $500k fine per violation. The Stevens bill codifies First Amendment Internet free speech protections that neutr-elites have been clamoring for. And the Stevens bill also creates a consumer Internet Bill of Rights. 

These are substantial protections for consumers that do not exist now and the neutr-elites say are absolutely necessary. Why is there no compromise or interest in legislation from the neutr-elites? Its obvious that this is not about net neutrality, but about demagoging an issue for fundraising and political organizing purposes. 

All you suckers out there that thought that wanted to Save the Internet, its doesn't. They don't want to actually fix the problem! They want to be able to continue to scare people about it in the months and years ahead so they will support and its political agenda.