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Google's Privacy Rap Sheet

Compare Google's privacy record over the last decade here with Google's public representations below to determine for yourself if they match up.

  • "…we’ll never sell your personal information or share it without your permission…;" Google's Privacy Policy homepage 6-4-12.
  • "We regularly review our compliance with our Privacy Policy…;" Google's Privacy Policy on its website, 6-4-12.
  • “…we aim to build privacy and security into our products and practices from the ground up…;" Alma Whitten, Google's Privacy Engineering Lead, in Senate testimony, 7-27-10.
  • "Putting our users first also means that we are deeply committed to their privacy…;" Nicole Wong, Google Deputy General Counsel, In House testimony, 6-18-09.
  • "Google respects an individual's right to privacy…;” stated a Google spokesman to BBC News Online; 8-1-08.
  • "Google values our users' privacy first and foremost…;" Marissa Mayer, Google Vice President, Consumer Products, in a Google blog post, 7-3-08.

Now see: Google's Privacy Rap Sheet to guage how Google's privacy promises square with their privacy record.