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Is Microsoft no longer a member of ItsOurNet? Trouble in paradise?

What's going on at ItsOurNet? 

On the website under "The coalition" section, Microsoft is no longer on the list of: "These organizations support legislation to achieve net neutrality:"

Google, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo are still listed, what happened to Microsoft which was one of the five big companies bankrolling the effort?

  • Why no press release or blog about this interesting development? Cat got their tongue?

Could the organization be getting a little too radical, regulatory, government intrusive, or anti-market-forces for their taste?

Could the folks at Microsoft be worried that if they set a net neutrality fire, there may be no way to control it and they could end up getting burned down with similar net neutrality rules as broadband because they clearly have more market share (90%) of their market than any player? 

Could it be that they no longer wanted to associate with rising Googleism?