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Kudos to Ou/Bennett for slam dunking the bogus FreePress Comcast petition!

I most highly commend George Ou and Richard Bennett for bringing some much-needed adult supervision and technical excellence to the issue of Comcast's network management. Please read George's latest blogpost.

  • it and weep -- you have laid another high profile net neutrality egg.

George has produced the must read piece on this issue. In "A rational debate on Comcast's Traffic management" George explains, with the assistance of Richard Bennett's exceptional expertise, what is really going on with Comcast's traffic management. 

  • In a nutshell, they explain the real world design limitations of a shared cable network, especially on the upstream path, and how those limitations practically require network managers to limit how much traffic goes through a particular network point, just like traffic lights must do on highway ramps during rush hour to ensure that the highway does not degrade into a parking lot. 

The already low credibility of net neutrality proponents will fall even further as the FCC investigates this allegation and determines Comcast's network management to be well within the bounds of "reasonable." 

  • While net neutrality proponents and their activist reporter friends may like to play engineers on TV, noone would want to entrust them with operating anything more complicated than a mouse.   

The reason we have due process in this country is precisely to protect against this type of spurious allegation.

  • This FreePress petition is a despicable modern form of "mob rule."
    • They make an accusation in the most inflamatory language possible, incite a lot of their activist anti-corporate friends to get angry and man the pitchforks, and rush to declare the offenders guilty by acclamation -- until they are proven innocent.
    • Its not enough for them to play victim, they feel the need to play cop, prosecutor, Judge and jury too.

Have these people no shame? No honor?

  • How many times do these people need to "cry wolf" like the boy in the fable, before people just ignore what they have to say?

Thank you George and Richard for bringing reason, expertise, clarity of thought, and common sense to a subject that sorely needs it.